Unlock the Future of Investment in Advanced Therapies

Secure your seat at Advanced Therapies Week 2024 in Miami and take full advantage of our exclusive pre-day event specifically curated for investors in the dynamic field of cell and gene therapy.

If you are actively investing in life sciences, this is your golden opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by learning about the latest industry trends and connecting with like-minded investors. With tailor-made content, networking opportunities to connect with prominent venture capitalists, this invitation-only gathering promises to provide unparalleled insights into the market, shedding light on exceptional investment opportunities.

This knowledge is crucial for making informed investment decisions and managing risk in a highly regulated industry.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to stay at the forefront of the advanced therapies sector.

Key Insights will Include

State of the GCT Market: Analyzing Current Investment and M&A

Explore the latest trends, investment strategies, and mergers & acquisitions shaping the GCT market. Gain valuable insights to make informed investment decisions.

12-Month Big Pharma Forecast: Key Directions & Investment Opportunities

Get a sneak peek into the future of Big Pharma, identify key directions, and discover untapped investment potentials for the next year.

Therapeutic ROI: Returns through Pricing and Reimbursement Models

Understand how pricing and reimbursement models impact therapeutic returns, and learn strategies to maximize your ROI.


Throughout the day, you will have a fantastic line-up of industry experts offering insight and direction into the future of cell and gene therapy

Meet some of the investors already confirmed

Why Attend

Access to Valuable Insights

Content will feature industry experts and thought leaders. Investors can gain valuable insights into market trends, emerging technologies, and investment opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

We will be bringing together professionals, including entrepreneurs, fellow investors, and potential partners. Networking can lead to new investment opportunities, partnerships, and the exchange of ideas.

Deal Flow

Be exposed to a wide range of startups and businesses seeking funding. This increased deal flow can help you identify promising investment prospects and diversify your portfolios.

Education and Skill Development

Content will offer educational sessions on various aspects of investing in the cell and gene industry. Attend to use this opportunity to enhance your investment knowledge and skills.

Market Validation

Attending will provide a sense of market validation. By seeing the level of interest and participation from other investors, industry experts, and professionals, you will gauge the relevance and potential of specific investment sectors or opportunities.

Stay Informed about Regulatory Changes

Be part of sessions dedicated to regulatory updates, compliance, and discussions with regulatory authorities. Stay informed about the latest regulatory changes, potential impact on investments, and strategies for navigating the evolving regulatory landscape.

Why Attend – FAQ
Why do we host the event in January?

We hold the event at the start of the year to help therapeutic developers evaluate the commercial trajectory of cell and gene therapy and provide a forum for meaningful collaboration and actionable change to enhance speed, cost, and access across the coming year. 

Is there a cost to attend

Advanced Therapies Week is free to attend if you are actively investing in the sector

Can you help me arrange meetings while I am at the event

Although we do not offer a meetings service, our team would be happy to assist with introductions should you need it. Please reach out to team@phacilitate.com for more information

Do I need to be registered for the main event to attend the pre-day?

If you are accepted to the pre-day, you will also have access to attend the main event. However, this is optional   

Ready to register?