Andrew Earnshaw

Digital Health Expert • PA Consulting

Andrew leads PA’s digital health business. He has over two decades of experience designing, building and delivering data, digital and technology solutions that improve the delivery of health and social care and the lives of patients globally. Throughout the global COVID pandemic, Andrew led technology and data platform programmes in the UK’s National Health Service including the initial technology design for numerous global cross-government vaccines deployment programmes in the US, UK, Ireland and northern Europe, linking data and information flows over 120M COVID vaccine doses to date. Alongside vaccine and bio-surveillance projects, Andrew has led PA’s work on national linked-data platforms for hospital benchmarking, clinician benchmarking, and patient population health. He’s also supported the UK’s National Institute for Health Research, designing and developing public-facing health research platforms that are used by over 35,000 research volunteers and 1000s of academic researchers. He also created data linkage platforms in the US, connecting data from over 1000 emergency physicians to support clinical training and performance improvement

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