Bernd Leistler

Vice President Production • Sartorius CellGenix

Bernd Leistler joined Sartorius CellGenix in 2003. As Vice President Production, Bernd is responsible for all GMP cytokine products for further manufacturing use, as well as process development for protein production. Bernd has a long track record as protein specialist. Following his degree in chemistry he joined the Basel Biocenter for his dissertation on the structure, function, folding and assembly of oligomeric proteins. He continued these studies as a postgraduate researcher in Cambridge, UK.

His professional career started in 1993 at a leading manufacturer of diagnostic autoantibody immunoassays which later became part of Pharmacia Diagnostics. There he managed the Biotechnology Department and developed it as a corporate service unit for recombinant and conventional human autoantigens and allergens.

At Sartorius CellGenix he first took responsibility for production of various protein vaccines. Having acted as a Qualified Person under supervision of the competent authorities, he now uses his knowledge and experience to ensure that cytokine production is in line with the GMP guidelines.

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