Frank Borriello

Chief Executive Officer • Alloplex Bio
Frank Borriello, MD, PhD leads Alloplex Biotherapeutics Inc., a private Boston-based company he founded in 2016 based on an original and now patented concept, as Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Borriello obtained his MD, PhD degrees at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC where he studied Class I MHC structure-function relationships. He continued training at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston with a residency in clinical pathology and a laboratory research focus in cellular immunology and the B7-CD28 costimulatory pathway.

He has an extensive 20+ year background in the biotech/pharma industry spanning diverse roles such as clinical development (Wyeth), financial buy-side analyst (BB Biotech) and, most extensively, in the area of Business Development (Millennium, Takeda, Shire and Baxter) and, finally Baxalta, where he was VP of Search and Evaluation before its acquisition in 2016.

In 2016, he conceived a potentially differentiated, non-engineered approach to immuno-oncology (now ‘SUPLEXA’) and established Alloplex Biotherapeutics Inc.

Since then – as Scientific Founder and CEO of Alloplex – Dr. Borriello has led the organization through research, fundraising and business development, to Phase 1 clinical trials for SUPLEXA therapy which commenced recently in Australia.

SUPLEXA is a potential first-in-class, autologous, pan cancer-cellular therapy made from the patient’s own immune cells, and comprised primarily of cells with known anti-tumor killing cells such as NK cells, NKT cells and T cells.

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