Jak Knowles

Chief Executive Officer • Affini T

Dr. Jak Knowles is Co-Founder, President & CEO of Affini-T Therapeutics, a clinical stage TCR platform company he co-founded with Phil Greenberg and Vida Ventures to engineer T cells targeting oncogenic driver mutations like KRAS. Jak is also co-founder and CBO of Metagenomi, a next-generation gene editing company founded with a team of scientists from UC Berkeley. Prior to joining Metagenomi, Jak was Head of Pharma Venture Investments at Leaps by Bayer where he helped source and lead financings for biotech companies. Jak has previously served as CEO of CytoSen Therapeutics, where he worked to develop Natural Killer cell immunotherapies and Exonics Therapeutics, a CRISPR gene-editing company targeting he co-founded and launched, serving as President and interim-CEOJak has previously served on the Board of Directors for Century Therapeutics, Pyxis Oncology, Exonics Therapeutics, Triumvira ImmunologicsVesigen Therapeutics, and Metagenomi Technologies. Jak earned his medical degree from Stanford University where he graduated with honors in biomedical research. 

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