Kurt Swogger

Kurt Swogger’s storied 37-year career at the Dow Chemical Company resulted in more than $30 Billion of value creation. His legacy remains the largest profit generator for Dow to this day.   His last role was Research Vice President for Performance Plastics and Chemical where he led new products, processes, businesses, and company creation.  He redesigned and introduced Zippered closures to the food packaging industry, and developed Speed technology which created new elastomers, plastomers, polyethylene, and inter polymers. These resulted in materials for Crocks shoes, stadium grass that did not abrade skin, new materials for car parts, higher value plastic wraps for pallets and hay bundles, adhesives, and other specialty resin products.After Dow, Swogger co- founded Molecular Rebar Design which makes individual carbon nanotubes for changing energy storage, rubber durability, coating durability, and 3 D printing. His medical applications are housed in Biopact Ventures, LLC and includes a unique cellular transport system which could provide an efficient alternative to viral vector technology.

Swogger has received various awards including: Earl B. Barnes Award for Leadership in Chemical Research Management from the American Chemical Society (2002), PDMA Corporate Innovators (2003), AIChE Management Division (2007) and the National Medical of Technology. He holds over 100 issued patents with 65 in prosecution. These patents protect the compositions and applications of the Molecular Rebar use in these new ventures. In addition to Biopact, Swogger is the CEO of Molecular Rebar Design, LLC, and the Chairman of US Clean Water Technology, LLC.  He is currently on the Board of Peak Nano, LLC.

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