Nadia Lounnas-Mourey

Associate Director, Process Development • Sangamo Therapeutics

Nadia Lounnas-Mourey is Sangamo’s Associate Director, Process Development, and in this role she oversees the development and optimization of manufacturing processes for engineered cell therapies using regulatory T cells, or Tregs, a type of white blood cell acting as the key regulators of the immune system. Nadia also manages the transfer of Sangamo’s processes to external or internal manufacturing teams. Nadia’s team notably developed Sangamo’s proprietary CAR-Treg manufacturing process used in the STEADFAST clinical study, which allowed the first patient dosing with a CAR-Treg in March 2022. Nadia joined Sangamo Therapeutics France – formerly known as TxCell prior to its acquisition by Sangamo in 2018 – In 2014.

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