Ryan Leahy

Vice President of Research • Phacilitate

Ry an avid science communication professional who is currently the Vice President of Research and Head of Content for Phacilitate and a Visiting Academic at the University of Oxford.

He is engaged in the increase of effective scientific communication to a variety of stakeholders and populations to advance the development of and access to cell and gene therapies. He’s a major proponent for expedited manufacturing and reduction of cost-of-goods, increased market and patient access, and a progressive approach to advanced therapies that considers and incorporates the patient voice at every step of the research, development and commercialization journey.

Ry has developed the last two Phacilitate Advanced Therapies Week meetings and is responsible for the content therein; if you have any questions about the agenda, feedback, or would like to discuss next year’s meeting, he’d be excited to talk.

Ryan is a patient & patient advocate for Eosinophilic Esophagitis and several related conditions, and is part of both APFED (American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders) and EOS Network.

Ry holds an MSc from the University of Oxford, is a mental health first-aider, and a proponent for DE&I support initiatives both within Phacilitate and throughout the Advanced Therapies Workforce.

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