Stephen Sullivan

Founder • Lindville Bio

Dr Sullivan is the Managing Director of Lindville Bio, an ATMP consultancy service specializing in the scalable manufacture of Pluripotent Stem Cells (PSC/iPSC) and therapeutic development therefrom.

Lindville Bio enables its clients clarify the translational roadmap for, and to accelerate the development of, PSC/iPSC-derived medicinal products and related technologies for a global market.

Dr Sullivan initially earned his PhD at the Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), under Professor Ian Wilmut and Dr Jim McWhir, becoming one of the first researchers in Europe to culture human embryonic stem cells. His work focused on pluripotency induction in human somatic cells.

Thereafter, Dr Sullivan worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, and UCSD deepening his expertise of other human stem cell types (including induced pluripotent stem cells) and their medical applications.

While at Harvard, he read ‘How Economics Shapes Science’ by Dr Paula Stefan, which stimulated his interest in the financial, as well as the scientific and clinical, hurdles that must be surmounted to bring stem cell therapies to the clinic. Thereafter, he also worked for Novartis, dealing with clinical trial management and compliance, to better understand manufacturing, logistic, and regulatory challenges to bringing new therapeutics to market and earned an MBA at Trinity College Dublin focusing on risk mitigation during ATMP development. With more than 20 years’ experience in the ATMP space, he focuses on the development and translation of pluripotent and induced-pluripotent stem cell therapeutics to the clinic.

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