Susan B. Nichols

Chief Business Officer • ViroCell Biologics

Susan B. Nichols is Chief Business Officer at ViroCell Biologics. She has over twenty years of corporate management and leadership experience in high-growth biotech companies, having served in global executive management roles with early-stage, emerging, and Fortune 500 companies such as Invetech, Baebies, Thermo Fisher/ASI and Hitachi Chemical, and Roche.

Susan initiated partnerships with pharmaceutical and life science companies to advance drug development and the manufacturing platforms that enable commercial success while shepherding the scaling-up efforts of cell therapies through all phases of clinical trials. In support of early-stage life science companies, she established funding relationships with VC’s, private investment groups and angel investors, as well as cementing philanthropic alliances, non-traditional financing, royalty deals, licensing opportunities, and strategic alliances.

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