Tony Wells

CEO • Merit

Tony is CEO of Merit, an award-winning company that delivers buildings in an entirely unique vertically integrated manner through 4D BIM with up to 75-90% offsite manufactured value. 

Tony has worked in the cleanroom industry for over 25 years and has extensive experience of cleanroom construction including cGMP & Semiconductor installation projects. His invaluable expertise spans high technology fields where integration of innovative design, construction factory manufacturing and automation, client process equipment, layouts, clean finished and fast track execution are critical.

In addition, his dedicated research into construction productivity has focused on answering the question of how to deliver large scale biotech facilities from inception to use in 12 to 22 months with successful quality, sustainability, and cost outcomes. 

Overseeing and supporting the activities of Merit at the most senior level, Tony is responsible for driving innovation and ensuring Merit’s building platform drives each project towards a successful handover.

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