Zhimei Du

Vice President, Translational Research and Early Development • Landmark Bio

Dr. Zhimei Du is a leader in the fields of Cell/Gene Therapy and Biologics with significant experience in both early and late-stage development. She serves as Vice President at Landmark Bio leading the Translational Research and Early Development of next-generation cell/gene therapies for various diseases. Prior to joining Landmark Bio, Dr. Du was at Atara Biotherapeutics, as Vice President focusing on accelerating both early and late-stage cell therapy pipelines. Prior to that, she was at Merck & Co. as the Executive Director & Global Head of Process Cell Sciences. In this role, Dr. Du established various new core functions in cell therapy and biologics during early development. She has also been active in successful business development activities, including evaluating and building partnerships for CAR-T and CAR-NK programs. Dr. Du holds numerous patents and publications in cell and gene therapy, protein engineering, cell engineering, vector engineering, molecular mechanisms in autoimmune disease and cancer immunity, process optimization, and genetic/epigenetic biomarker development.

Dr. Du received her Ph.D. in Immunology from Cornell University Medical College. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Robert G. Roeder’s laboratory, Rockefeller University, where she focused on the discovery of genetic/epigenetic regulation mechanisms during leukemia genesis.

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