American Red Cross


The American Red Cross is a nationwide leader in the provision of allogeneic and autologous products and services for cell and gene therapy. Our services include CAR-T collection, processing, and storage within our five Manufacturing Science and Technology labs. We currently support all six FDA-approved T-cell therapies as well as collections for clinical trials.

We offer allogeneic starting materials, such as Leukopaks, ranging from RUO to cGMP-compliant clinical grade that can be used to support your needs from bench research to late-stage development of life-saving therapies. With a national network of apheresis collection sites, we provide a large pool of recallable donors, allowing us to scale up to meet growing needs. Our Quality Management System provides one set of standards that limits variability, ensuring the consistency of your products.

As a leading source of key raw materials for allogeneic and autologous services, the American Red Cross Cell & Gene therapy team partners with clients throughout your entire process, from basic research and discovery to safety assessment and manufacturing of late-stage clinical trials. Through our clients, we provide patients with the opportunity for improved quality of life.