Cook MyoSite

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Cook MyoSite was formed in 2002 to guide the Cook Group organization into the expanding world of cellular technologies. Today, we are dedicated to the development and subsequent commercialization of technology related to the collection, selection, and expansion of human skeletal muscle cells for the treatment of various disorders. 

We are currently investigating autologous muscle derived cells, or AMDC, a personalized, regenerative cell therapy product. AMDC is created from muscle progenitor cells that are isolated from human adult muscle and are theorized to engraft into existing dysfunctional or weakened target tissue to improve muscle function. 

AMDC-USR is an investigational product that is injected into the urinary sphincter and is hypothesized to reduce the number of incontinence episodes in women with stress urinary incontinence. 

The AMDC technology is also being clinically investigated for fecal incontinence, underactive bladder, and tongue dysphagia.