Curate Biosciences

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Curate Biosciences (formerly GPB Scientific, Inc.) enables cell processing that radically changes the outcomes and economics of cell therapy manufacturing. The Curate® Cell Processing System applies Deterministic Cell Separation™ (DCS) technology through a benchtop system and single-use cassettes optimized for T cell isolation. With virtually no cell loss, and designed for both manufacturing and clinical application, the Curate System enables production of CAR-T and other cell therapies beyond today’s limitations.

 The Curate System is an easy to use, functionally closed wash, separation, and concentration device designed primarily for integration within the cell therapy workflow, processing standard leukopaks within approximately 40 minutes. The system’s core DCS technology is uniquely gentle on cells, circumvents the need for cell labeling or Ficoll processing for WBC isolation, and enables substantially better recovery (>2-fold vs Ficoll-based commercial methods) and purity (99% Platelet and 92% RBC removal).