iVexSol, Inc. is a viral vector manufacturing company founded on a proprietary, next-generation, stable lentiviral vector production process that transforms the way these essential gene-delivery vehicles are made. Our Intelligent ManufacturingTM platform ensures the robust and reliable production of high quality, high-titer vector by generating a clonally derived Master Cell Bank of stable vector-producing cells for the production of your gene of interest. Expansion, harvest and release of a vial from your bank enables us to deliver ready-to-use vector “on demand, preserving and accelerating your clinical development timeline.

iVexSol was founded on the discovery of how to uniquely produce stable lentiviral vector producer cell lines and transformative vector production technologies to provide high-quality LVs for any scale of production, in a fast, reliable, and cost-effective manner. We are committed to solving the vector shortage and improving access to critically needed therapies.

iVexSol employs both transient and stable transfection in parallel to avoid delays in the development timeline from preclinical through to commercialization of advanced therapy medicinal products.