Jobst Technologies


Jobst Technologies GmbH is a innovative and technology-oriented enterprise whose core competencies include micro systems technology, microfluidics and bio- and electrochemical analytics. Our main expertise is the multi-parametric monitoring at nanoliter volumes comprising enzymatic biosensor arrays, microfluidics, electronics, and software. As of 2015, Jobst Technnologies GmbH is part of the Swiss company Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG (www.ist-ag.com). Fields of application are metabolic monitoring in clinical settings, metabolic research both in vivo and in vitro, bioprocess development and fermentation control. In short, all the applications, which benefit from a timely knowledge of metabolic parameters, e.g. glucose, lactate, glutamine, and glutamate.

– monitoring of cell cultivation

– in medical settings microdialysis based monitoring

– minimally invasive multi-parameter monitoring