Scinus Cell Expansion is a biotech company, developing innovative technologies for cell production. Our mission is to make cell therapies accessible for a global patient population. The core activity is the development and marketing of an innovative bioreactor platform technology for the cell culture industry. The SCINUS bioreactor offers a cost-effective, controlled alternative to conventional cell production strategies. The patented technology allows cell culture professionals to perform the entire cell expansion process, for both adherent and suspension cells, within one closed system. Therefore, our bioreactor technology is ideal for scaleout of (stem) cell culture. Scinus Cell Expansion Netherlands B.V. also offers services to assist its clients in the translation to a commercialscale GMP production strategy for their cell products. Scinus Cell Expansion Netherlands BV Professor Bronkhorstlaan 10, building 48 3723 MB Bilthoven The Netherlands Phone: +31302297287 Email: info@scinus.com.