Versiti Clinical Trials and Biomaterials


Versiti supports biopharma and cell therapy companies through biomaterial provision, as well as central laboratory, clinical trial logistics and IRB services.

Biomaterial Provision: We provide a reliable supply of raw starting biomaterials through an IRB-approved collection process. Our Leukopak products are available for Research Use Only (RUO) and Clinical Grade (compliant with FDA 21 CFR 1271 – GMP suitable) applications. We navigate contributor collections to provide a high-quality, well-characterized Leukopak product via our comprehensive service model. Additional blood components such as buffy coats, red blood cells, and plasma are available through our healthy donor bank.

Clinical Trial Services: We are pleased to offer central laboratory and logistics services, customizable specimen collection kits, specialty testing capabilities, dedicated project management and trial site support, biostorage, and real-time data management and reporting.

IRB Services: Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Salus IRB, is a nonprofit, AAHRPP-accredited review board. Salus provides single-site, multi-site (single IRB/central IRB), and international research review services for clinical trials. Our comprehensive review services for phase I-IV trials include a dedicated client service manager, industry leading response times, and expertise in oncology, toxicology, behavioral, biopharmaceutical, medical device studies, and more.

Learn more at: versiticlinicaltrials.org