Critical Considerations in Drug Product and Supply Management
Flexible Facilities: Designing the Facilities of the Future
Standardising Raw Materials to Reduce Outcome Variability
Building an Effective, Commercially Viable Supply Chain Strategy
CRL /Hemacare Session
Maintaining Quality: Temperature-Controlled Distribution and Development for Advanced Therapeutics
Collection Centers of the Future: Standardisation and Optimising Apheresis for Quality Control
Patient-Centric Development: Protecting Hospitals and Qualified Treatment Centers from Growing Demand and Pressure

Critical Considerations in Drug Product and Supply Management

28 Jan 2022

11:00 Chairperson’s Opening
Speaker TBD

11:05 Presentation 1
Speaker TBD

11:20 Presentation 2
Speaker TBD

11:35 Global Labelling Considerations for ATMPs

  • Review of labelling requirements in comparison to USA
  • Examples of centers that have centralized apheresis centers
  • Compliance with COI/COC and what effectiveness checks should be in place

Sadaf Naz Khan, Associate Director, Regional CAR-T Specialist, Janssen

11:50 Presentation 4
Speaker TBD

12:05 Speaker Q&A and Panel Discussion




Sadaf Naz Khan
Regional CAR T Site Liaision