What are the Cell and Gene Therapies of the Future?
Development in Neurology and Ophthalmology
Development in Stem Cell Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine
Development in Cell & Gene Therapy to Treat Rare and Difficult Indications
Development in Cell Therapy for Solid Tumours
Development for Non-Oncology Indications
Development in Allogeneic Cellular Therapies

What are the Cell and Gene Therapies of the Future?

26 Jan 2022
Ori Biotech
WuXi Advanced Therapies

11:00 Chairperson’s Opening
Lavakumar Karyampudi, Technical Director, Moffitt Cancer Center

11:05 HSC Gene Therapy: Meeting the Need in Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • Discuss the therapeutic potential of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) gene therapy to address severe and genetically-defined neurodegenerative diseases
  • Highlight the differentiated profile of HSC gene therapy, and specifically its unique ability to deliver clinical benefit to the central nervous system (CNS)
  • Showcase progress of Orchard Therapeutics’ neurodegenerative portfolio

Kent Christopherson, Senior Director, Medical Affairs, Orchard Therapeutics

11:25 Future Technology Today: Manufacturing Innovations to Accelerate the Generation of Cell and Gene Therapies

  • Improving delivery, specificity and expression control of therapeutic transgenes through promoter and capsid engineering
  • Increasing viral vector yields and quality through plasmid engineering for AAV and lentiviral systems
  • Integrating GMP manufacturing and testing platforms accelerate time to market
  • Innovative technologies for plasmid free manufacture of viral vectors using XLenti stable and TESSA technology

Ryan Cawood, Chief Scientific Officer, WuXi Advanced Therapeutics and OxGene

11:45 For Patients, The Status Quo Isn’t Good Enough

  • As an industry we need to refocus our attention on the metric that matters…how many patients have we successfully treated with cell and gene therapies?  Not enough, we still have cures for cancer and rare diseases that most patients can’t get access to.
  • We envision a future where biology, engineering and data sciences combine into a scalable process discovery and manufacturing platforms to increase throughout, improve quality and reduce costs
  • Prioritizing flexible and scalable manufacturing early in development is critical to creating widespread patient access to cell and gene therapies

Jason C. Foster, Chief Executive Officer, Ori Biotech

12:05 Speaker Q&A and Panel Discussion


Lavakumar Karyampudi
Technical Director, Cell Therapy Facility
Moffitt Cancer Center
Kent Christopherson
Senior Director, Medical Affairs
Orchard Therapeutics
Ryan Cawood
Chief Scientific Officer
WuXi Advanced Therapies
Jason C. Foster
Chief Executive Officer
Ori Biotech