Enhancing Technical Knowledge in CGT: Training Skilled Personnel for the Technical Workforce of the Future
Advanced Orchestration of the CGT Supply Chain
The Supply Chain of the Future: What Will CGT Supply Chains HAVE to Look Like in the Future?
Supply, Demand and Technical Challenges for Plasmid-Mediated Gene Therapy
Storage and Preservation to Maintain High-Quality Raw Materials and Therapeutics
Think Locally, Source Globally: Are Your Product Region-Fixed or Trans-Continental?
Collections by Apheresis: Managing Patient Material
What Does A Global Supply Chain Look Like for CGT? Defining End-To-End Logistics

Enhancing Technical Knowledge in CGT: Training Skilled Personnel for the Technical Workforce of the Future

19 Jan 2023
Supply Chain and Technical Operations Track

11:00am Chair Introduction

Mark Roache, Vice President, Cell and Gene Therapies, Quality Executive Partners (QxP)


11:05am Presentation: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Workforce Development in the Age of Gene and Cell Therapy

  • A growing community of education, training, and workforce development professionals are keenly focused on the training needs surrounding emerging technologies such as gene therapy, cell-based therapies, gene editing, and regenerative medicine.
  • As the sector continues to grow, we anticipate unique training needs across the landscape of academic cGMP facilities, healthcare professionals, startup companies, vendors, biomanufacturers, and the patient.
  • This session will explore some of these unique needs as well as exploring how broad communication, collaboration, and partnership is critical to ensuring tomorrow’s workforce is ready to drive this next wave of technology innovation and adoption.

John Balachunas, Workforce Director, NIIMBL


11:20am Presentation: Operational Readiness

  • Capitalize on the industry’s best practices for an early launch or capital project completion
  • Enable a higher % in product batch release, a batch record error reduction, and/or higher operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) for your plant
  • Optimum time to execute this approach is no later than at the start of basis of design (BD) during the concept phase, but precursor discussions are needed beforehand

Glenn Lumpkin, Director of Technical Services, CAI


11:35am Presentation: Addressing the Wave: Meeting Workforce Demands for Advanced Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Global biopharma struggles to maintain a skilled and trained workforce, often poaching from one another, leaving perpetual gaps
  • Educational institutions and training providers offer limited capacity, and cannot keep pace with industry’s demands…we need more workforce development capacity
  • Innovative responses include development of novel hands-on training in vector manufacturing, rapid ‘bootcamp’ training to fill hundreds of positions in response to the pandemic, train-the-trainer, and curricula sharing to quickly address the oncoming wave

Jenny Ligon, Associate Director, Workforce Development, National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing, Texas AM


11:50am Presentation: Training Tomorrow’s CGT Associates Today

  • Recognizing skills missing when new staff join the industry
  • New technology we are embracing and how to develop training programs
  • Partnering with academia to better prepare the next generation

Ram Sharma, Associate Director, Manufacturing Development, Minaris Regenerative Medicine


12:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

All session participants


Glenn Lumpkin
Director of Technical Services
Jenny Ligon
Associate Director, Workforce Development
National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing (NCTM)
John Balchunas
Workforce Director
The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)
Mark Roache
Vice President, Cell and Gene Therapies
Quality Executive Partners / Virtuosi
Ram Sharma
Associate Director, Manufacturing Development
Minaris Regenerative Medicine