Advanced Orchestration of the CGT Supply Chain

20 Jan 2023
Patient and Clinical Considerations Track
TITLE21 Health Solutions

09:00am Chair Introduction

Lynn Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, Title 21 Software


09:05am Presentation: Implementing Cell Orchestration Systems Within an Established Clinical Trial Management Digital Ecosystem

  • Autologous cell therapies require interaction of the clinical and supply chain/manufacturing systems to enable supply management and COI/COC
  • Building a platform around the patient journey is key to success

Lydia Jordan, Principal Investigator, Clinical CGT Supply Chain Lead, GlaxoSmithKline


09:20am Presentation: Addressing Industry Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy Supply Chain Through Integrated End-to-End Solutions

  • Lessons learned/best practices to mitigate risk in your supply chain and to accelerate path to commercialization
  • How to address unique challenges for CGT supply chain through use of integrated systems/solutions

Andreas Kouri, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Strategic Operations, ElevateBio


09:35am Presentation: A Standardized Format for the Chain of Identity (CoI) Identifier

  • Collaborative process to develop a standardized CoI Identifier
  • CoI Identifier data structure
  • How to become an issuer for the ISBT 128 CoI Identifier

 Karen Moniz, Technical Director, ICCBBA


09:50am Presentation: Addressing Logistical Challenges – How Albumin Can Improve Storage and Stability of Cells

  • • Protect against loss of live cells numbers and cell viability post-thaw with reduced DSMO conc.
    • Increase hold time and reduce the number of apoptotic cells post thaw.
    • Your choice of albumin matters; different albumin sources and formulations

Phil Morton, Chief Technology Officer, Albumedix


10:05am Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Andreas Kouri
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Strategic Operations
Lydia Jordan
Principal Investigator CGT Supply Chain
Lynn Fischer
Chief Executive Officer
TITLE21 Health Solutions
Karen Moniz
Technical Director
Phil Morton
Chief Technology Officer