Allogeneic Cell Therapies: How Do We Get Off-The-Shelf Therapies Off The Ground?

18 Jan 2023
Modalities & Indications Track
Be The Match BioTherapies

11:00am Chair Introduction

Joanne Brewer, Chief Scientific Officer, AdaptImmune


11:05am Presentation: TBA

Pascal Touchon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atara Biotherapeutics


11:20am Presentation: TBA 

Joy Aho, Director of Product Management, Be The Match Biotherapies


11:35am Presentation: ProTcellTM: Allogeneic T-cell Therapy Platform and Thymic Regenerative Properties

  • A process enabling the ex vivo production of T-cell progenitors has been developed to address prolonged T-cell lymphopenia
  • Tolerized allogeneic naïve T cells expressing a CAR could be generated from genetically modified T-lymphoid progenitors
  • Interestingly, T-cell progenitors exhibit thymic regenerative properties which could be beneficial to elderly patients

Olivier Negre, Chief Scientific Officer, Smart-Immune


11:50am Presentation: TBA

Dan Kemp, Chief Executive Officer, Wugen


12:05am Presentation: TBA

Neal Flomenberg, Chief Scientific Officer, Tevogen Bio


12:20pm Speaker Q&A

With all session participants


Dan Kemp
President and Chief Executive Officer
Joanne Brewer
Chief Scientific Officer
Joy Aho
Director of Product Management
Be The Match BioTherapies
Neal Flomenberg
Chief Scientific Officer
Olivier Negre
Chief Scientific Officer
Pascal Touchon
President and Chief Executive Officer
Atara Biotherapeutics