Allogeneic Cell Therapies: How Do We Get Off-The-Shelf Therapies Off The Ground?

18 Jan 2023
Modalities & Indications Track
Be The Match BioTherapies

11:00am Chair Introduction

Jo Brewer, Chief Scientific Officer, AdaptImmune


11:05am Presentation: Off-the-Shelf Allogeneic EBV T Cells: Ushering in the Next Wave of Innovation

  • Autologous T-cell therapies have been life-changing for many patients; but virus-specific, allogeneic platforms hold the promise of effective, off-the-shelf treatments manufactured at scale, and rapidly delivered to patients within days
  • In this talk, the flexibility and advantages of EBV T cells and how allogeneic treatments may change the treatment paradigm for cancer and autoimmune diseases will be discussed

Pascal Touchon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atara Biotherapeutics


11:20am Presentation: Critical Considerations Leveraging Successes in Allogeneic HSCT/BMT to Inform Scalable Launches of Emerging Allogeneic Cell Therapies

  • Discuss key successes and challenges in the facilitation of the most widely used life saving allogeneic cell therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT/BMT)
    • Buildout of critical, reliable infrastructure for cell harvest and therapy delivery
    • Expanding beyond centers of excellence to improve patient access
    • Securing a reliable and ongoing source for allogeneic donor cells from a registry of 7M+ volunteer donors
    • Building and enforcing standards to ensure equal outcomes
    • Building and maintaining IT systems to support growth and expanded use cases
  • Outline where key learnings from HSCT/BMT that may be applicable to emerging allogeneic therapies to enhance safety, efficacy, and scalability

Joy Aho, Director of Product Management, Be The Match Biotherapies


11:35am Presentation: ProTcellTM: Allogeneic T-cell Therapy Platform and Thymic Regenerative Properties

  • A process enabling the ex vivo production of T-cell progenitors has been developed to address prolonged T-cell lymphopenia
  • Tolerized allogeneic naïve T cells expressing a CAR could be generated from genetically modified T-lymphoid progenitors
  • Interestingly, T-cell progenitors exhibit thymic regenerative properties which could be beneficial to elderly patients

Olivier Negre, Chief Scientific Officer, Smart-Immune


11:50am Presentation: Wugen’s Experience With Both Allo-NK and Allo-CART Cell Therapy Development

  • Engineering the allogeneic potential of NK and CART cells present different challenges
  • Targeting heme malignancies vs. solid tumors provide opportunities and potential synergies for allo-products

Dan Kemp, Chief Executive Officer, Wugen


12:05am Presentation: TVGN489: Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte (CTL) Therapy for COVID-19

  • CTLs are nature’s primary tool to eradicate viral infection through recognition of small peptide fragments derived from the breakdown of viral proteins.
  • TVGN 489 targets come from across the entire COVID-19 genome and have yet to be impacted by COVID-19 variants, from 2020 to the present.
  • The findings of the proof-of-concept phase I trial and the application of this approach to other therapeutic targets will be discussed.

Neal Flomenberg, Chief Scientific Officer, Tevogen Bio


12:20pm Speaker Q&A

With all session participants


Dan Kemp
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jo Brewer
Chief Scientific Officer
Joy Aho
Director of Product Management
Be The Match BioTherapies
Neal Flomenberg
Chief Scientific Officer
Olivier Negre
Chief Scientific Officer
Pascal Touchon
President and Chief Executive Officer
Atara Biotherapeutics