Autologous Cell Therapies: New Developments in Cell-Based Immunotherapy

19 Jan 2023
Modalities and Indications Track

3:30pm Chair Introduction

Bruce Levine, Professor, Cancer Gene Therapy, University of Pennsylvania


3:35pm Presentation: Evolution, Revolution: How Adaptimmune is Developing the Next Generation of TCR T-Cell Therapies Against Solid Tumors

  • Exploring Adaptimmune’s MAGE A4 franchise from the first gen product Afamicel on a path commercialisation to the next gen product ADP-A2M4CD8 increasing signals across multiple indications
  • How clinical and translational learnings feed from one to the other and influence trial design

Joanne Brewer, Chief Scientific Officer, AdaptImmune


3:50pm Presentation: The Practicalities and Pitfalls of Orchestrating Autologous Therapies

  • An insight into first hand case studies, focusing directly on orchestration implementation
  • A deep dive into the best practice of orchestrating Autologous therapies, and what to avoid during implementation

Matthew Lakelin, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Product Development & Co-Founder, TrakCel


4:05pm Presentation: Pushing the Design Envelope in Autologous T Cell Therapies

  • Improvements in autologous cell therapies through potency enhancers
  • Shortened ex vivo culture enhances potency in pre-clinical models and clinical data
  • Future vision of the ultimate autologous off the shelf cell therapy via in vivo gene delivery

Bruce Levine, Professor, Cancer Gene Therapy, University of Pennsylvania


4:20pm Presentation: Novel Targets for Autologous CAR-T Therapies in Solid Tumors

  • To date, autologous cell therapies have not demonstrated clear or broad clinical success in solid tumors
  • Effective solid tumor targeting with autologous CAR-T therapies demands actionable targets, active constructs and smart clinical approaches

Jason Litten, Chief Medical Officer, Chimeric Therapeutics


4:35pm  Session Panel & Q&A

With all session participants


Bruce Levine
Barbara and Edward Netter Professor in Cancer Gene Therapy; President, International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy
University of Pennsylvania
Jason B. Litten
Chief Medical Officer
Chimeric Therapeutics
Jo Brewer
Chief Scientific Officer
Matthew Lakelin
Co-Founder, Vice President of Scientific Affairs & Product Development