Implementing a Closed Cell Therapy Manufacturing Process Through Strategic Collaboration

18 Jan 2023
Briefing 1
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

The need for standardization of cell therapy manufacturing continues to be a critical driver of technological advancement and investments. Implementation of a scalable, integratable workflow can minimize open processes and reduce manual touchpoints—ultimately reducing manufacturing failures. New innovations in closed, modular, cell therapy specific instrumentation enable the development of robust and reproducible, end-to-end manufacturing processes for commercial applications. In this symposium, industry leaders will discuss benefits that can be gained from standardizing your manufacturing process and how strategic collaborations can help streamline the transition through the commercialization pipeline



8:00am Panel

08:40am Q&A



Øystein Åmellem, Director, Cell Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Xavier De Mollerat Du Jeu, Senior Director of Research and Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific


Øystein Åmellem
Director, Cell Biology
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
Xavier De Mollerat Du Jeu
Senior Director of Research and Development
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc