De-Risk. Deploy. Deliver. Key Considerations to Pick the Right CDMO During your Cell Therapy Development Process

19 Jan 2023
Briefing 1
Miltenyi Biotec

Points for discussion: 

  • In house manufacturing or using a CDMO is one of the key questions during a cell therapy development process
  • This panel will discuss the key considerations to address this question and also elaborate on what a good fit in terms of CDMO might look like
  • What are the hurdles and how to overcome them to successfully use a partnership with a CDMO to de-risk your development process


12:30pm Panel

1:10pm Q&A



Robert Hughes, Vice President & General Manager, Miltenyi Bioindustry



Anthony Davies, Founder & CEO, Dark Horse Consulting

Azadeh Golipour, Chief Technical Officer, AVROBIO

Ian Gaudet, Senior Director Site Head San Jose, Miltenyi Bioindustry



Anthony Davies
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dark Horse Consulting
Robert Hughes
Vice President & General Manager
Miltenyi Biotec
Ian Gaudet
Senior Director, Site Head San Jose
Miltenyi Biotec