Building Better Cell Therapy Processes

20 Jan 2023
Manufacturing Advanced Therapies Track
AGC Biologics
908 Devices

9:00am Chair Introduction

Bruce Levine, Professor, Cancer Gene Therapy, University of Pennsylvania


09:05am Presentation: Unleashing the Allogeneic Potential by Using Large Scale Automated Manufacturing Platforms

  • Thinking from the end backwards to streamline the process and create agility from R&D to commercial scale
  • Combining closed and automated systems with in-process controls to increase reproducibility and batch to batch consistency

Lior Raviv, Chief Technical Officer, Pluri


09:20am Presentation: Designing Flexible Capabilities and Capacity in a Complex Cell Therapy Market

  • Cell Therapy market definition and segmentation
  • Main cell therapy types, processes and equipment
  • Facility layout definition and practical examples
  • Designing QC space for cell therapy

 Luca Alberici, General Manager, AGC Biologics Milan


09:35am Presentation: CellPryme – Novel Enhancements for Cell Therapies

  • CellPryme-M is a method for cell manufacturing that improves in vivo persistence
  • CellPryme-A is an adjuvant approach that addresses the immunosuppressive TME
  • We have shown the synergy between the two technologies

Rebecca Lim, Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Prescient Therapeutics


09:50am Presentation: Benefits of Real-Time Analytics to Overcome Common Cell Culture Challenges

  • Advanced analytics are required to monitor and control critical process parameters in today’s diverse and intensified processes used in cell and gene therapies
  • We will discuss a data-driven and accelerated process optimization approach leveraging sensitive, online (sample-free) monitoring of Glucose& Lactate with automated feed control and at-line amino acid analysis

Wolfgang Künnecke, Vice President of Bioanalytics, 908Devices


10:05am Panel Discussion and  Q&A

With all session participants


Arnaud Deladeriere
Director of Process Development
Triumvira Immunologics
Bruce Levine
Barbara and Edward Netter Professor in Cancer Gene Therapy; President, International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy
University of Pennsylvania
Lior Raviv
Chief Technical Officer
Luca Alberici
General Manager, Milan Facility
AGC Biologics
Rebecca Lim
Senior Vice President - Scientific Affairs
Prescient Therapeutics
Wolfgang Künnecke
Vice President of Bioanalytics
908 Devices