Cell and Gene Therapy for Neurological Indications

20 Jan 2023
Modalities and Indications Track

9:00am Chair Introduction

Kim Raineri, Chief Technology Officer, Aspen Neuroscience


9:05am Presentation: TBA

Suyash Prasad, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research & Development, Taysha Gene Therapies


9:20am Presentation: TBC

Speaker: TBC


9:35am Presentation: TBA

 Lisa Deschamps, Chief Executive Officer, AviadoBio


9:50am Presentation: MultiStem® Cell Therapy for Neurological Indications

  • Athersys is developing MultiStem®, an allogeneic adult bone marrow-derived cell therapy, for the treatment of critical care conditions
  • Extensive clinical safety and preclinical efficacy data across multiple disease and injury models supports the ongoing MASTERS-2 Phase 3 pivotal clinical trial in acute ischemic stroke

Sarah Busch, Vice President, Regenerative Medicine, Athersys


10:05am Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants

Joined by: 

Michael Lawlor, Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin


Kim Raineri
Chief Technology Officer
Aspen Neuroscience
Lisa Deschamps
Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Busch
Vice President of Regenerative Medicine, Head of Nonclinical Development
Suyash Prasad
Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research & Development
Michael Lawlor
Medical College of Wisconsin