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Development in Allogeneic Cellular Therapies

27 Jan 2022
Discovery Life Sciences
Nucleus Biologics
Charles River

11:00 Chairperson’s Opening
Dominic Clarke, Chief Technical Officer, DLS

11:05 A New Approach to Treating Cancer – miCAR Cellular Engineering (Live-Stream)

  • Allo constructs for cell based therapies in cancer are evolving to deliver, safety, efficacy and persistence
  • We will describe the utilisation of Antion’s miCAR platform to engineer the most efficient cells

Sven Kili, Chief Executive Officer, Antion Biosciences SA

11:20 Effective Donor Sourcing Strategies to Enhance Downstream Efficiency and Scalability of Allogeneic Cell Therapies

  • Examining the impact of inter-donor variability of cellular source material
  • How streamlined donor management can improve outcomes utilizing inherently variable starting material for manufacture of off-the-shelf therapies
  • Benchmarking how raw material supply partners can help mitigate risk and provide sustainable growth strategies to overcome supply chain hurdles – a case study

Kimberly Negrin, Director, Cell Therapy Strategy and Business Operations, Charles River Laboratories 

11:35 Tackling Antigen Escape & Manufacturing Cost for Cell Therapies

  • Will review novel BAFF Ligand CAR with 3 antigens on a single CAR
  • Will review dynamic Antigen programming approach
  • Will review allogenic approaches to Cell Therapies

Jeff Liter, Chief Executive Officer, Luminary Therapeutics

11:50 Cell Therapy Media: A New Paradigm

  • Cell Therapy Media directly impacts therapeutic potency
  • Historically limited options for creating Media optimized to your ecosystem and CQA’s
  • We present a novel paradigm for owning, configuring and ordering your media from bench to bioreactor

David Sheehan, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nucleus Biologics

12:05 Speaker Q&A and Panel Discussion


Dominic Clarke
Chief Technology Officer
Discovery Life Sciences
Sven Kili
Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Liter
Chief Executive Officer
Luminary Therapeutics
Kimberly Negrin
Director, Cell Therapy Strategy and Business Operations
Charles River
David Sheehan
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Nucleus Biologics