The Future of Viral Vectors

18 Jan 2022
New & Enabling Technologies Track
Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd

11:00am Chair Introduction

Nicole Paulk, Associate Professor, University of California, San Francisco


11:05am Presentation: Capsid engineering to overcome the bottleneck of AAV gene therapy

  • AAV gene therapy limited by tropism, immunogenicity, and manufacturability
  • Discovery of next generation AAV through capsid engineering
  • Addressing the challenges of capsid engineering

Li Ou, Vice President, Genemagic Bio


11:20am Presentation: Process C: OXBs latest lentiviral vector platform process for improved yield and quality

  • Process C, including the benefits afforded by perfusion-based upstream production coupled with enhanced downstream processing
  • OXBs innovative technology toolbox – a range of new technologies that result in increased productivity and improved purity – collectively enabling the successful delivery of viral vectors for future life-saving therapies and improved access of cost-effective therapies to patients
  • OXBs recently approved innovative solution for GMP viral vector fill finish

James Miskin, Chief Technical Officer, Oxford Biomedica


11:35am Presentation: TBA

Will Junker, Head of Vector Manufacturing Quality, Kite Pharma


11:50am Presentation: Reshape viral vector manufacturing through flexible platform 

  • The impact of preliminary process evaluation to the success of a viral vector-based product
  • How right-first-time approach allows to fast-track process development and reach production scale quickly
  • Improve safety and productivity through smart optimization tools, like DoE

Hanna Lesch, Chief Technology Officer, Exothera


12:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Hanna Lesch
Chief Technology Officer
James Miskin
Chief Technical Officer
Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd
Li Ou
Vice President
Genemagic Bio
Nicole Paulk
University of California San Francisco
Will Junker
Head of Vector Manufacturing Quality
Kite Pharma