The Future of Viral Vectors

18 Jan 2023
New & Enabling Technologies Track
Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd

11:00am Chair Introduction

Nicole Paulk, Associate Professor, University of California, San Francisco


11:05am Presentation: Capsid Engineering to Overcome the Bottleneck of AAV Gene Therapy

  • AAV gene therapy limited by tropism, immunogenicity, and manufacturability
  • Discovery of next generation AAV through capsid engineering
  • Addressing the challenges of capsid engineering

Li Ou, Vice President, Genemagic Bio


11:20am Presentation: Process C: OXBs Latest Lentiviral Vector Platform Process for Improved Yield and Quality

  • Process C, including the benefits afforded by perfusion-based upstream production coupled with enhanced downstream processing
  • OXBs innovative technology toolbox – a range of new technologies that result in increased productivity and improved purity – collectively enabling the successful delivery of viral vectors for future life-saving therapies and improved access of cost-effective therapies to patients
  • OXBs recently approved innovative solution for GMP viral vector fill finish

James Miskin, Chief Technical Officer, Oxford Biomedica


11:35am Presentation: Reshape Viral Vector Manufacturing Through Flexible Platform 

  • The impact of preliminary process evaluation to the success of a viral vector-based product
  • How right-first-time approach allows to fast-track process development and reach production scale quickly
  • Improve safety and productivity through smart optimization tools, like DoE

Hanna Lesch, Chief Technology Officer, Exothera


11:50am Closing Panel with Q&A

All Session Participants 


Hanna Lesch
Chief Technology Officer
James Miskin
Chief Technical Officer
Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd
Li Ou
Vice President
Genemagic Bio
Nicole Paulk
University of California San Francisco