Development in Cell & Gene Therapy to Treat Rare and Difficult Indications
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Development in Cell & Gene Therapy to Treat Rare and Difficult Indications

28 Jan 2022
Charles River

09:00 Chairperson’s Opening
Holly May, Chief Commercial Officer, AVROBIO

09:05 Treating Underserved Patient Populations: Overcoming Development and Supply Challenges for Orphan Populations

  • Evaluating novel gene therapy treatment modalities for rare disease
  • Overcoming the manufacturing bottleneck and streamlining the regulatory path
  • Developing a business model with rare disease in mind

John Maslowski, Chief Commercial Officer, Forge Biologics

09:20 Integrated and Aligned End-to-End Vector and Cell Production: Charles River C&GT 360° Portfolio

  • Charles River is building a comprehensive portfolio of integrated services from early discovery to clinical and commercial C&GT manufacturing
  • We will present on our integrated and aligned C&GT development and manufacturing services, profiling key strategic partnerships that augment the service offering

Daniel Smith, Global Cell & Gene Therapy Portfolio, Strategic Alliances, Corporate Development & Strategy, Charles River Laboratories

09:35 CAAR-T Therapy for the Potential Treatment and Cure of B Cell Mediated Autoimmune Disease

  • Prioritizing indications which show promise for CAR-T-based approaches, and sharing rationale in preclinical development
  • Sharing progress in pre-clinical development of pipeline programs

Samik Basu, Vice President, Preclinical and Translational Science, Cabaletta Bio

09:50 Treating Cancer and Covid – Use of Banked Allogeneic Gamma-Delta T Cells in Oncology and Severe Viral Infection

  • Clinical data generated using allogenic gamma-delta cells for treatment of cancer was used to enable regulatory submission for covid treatment
  • Transition from a fresh allogenic to frozen product facilitated true ‘off-the-shelf’ availability
  • Overview of ongoing phase 1b/2a clinical to treat patients with covid-19

Michael Leek, Executive Chairman, TC Biopharm

10:05 Speaker Q&A and Panel Discussion


Holly May
Chief Commercial Officer
John Maslowski
Chief Commercial Officer
Forge Biologics
Daniel C. Smith
Executive Director, Global Cell & Gene Therapy Portfolio
Charles River
Samik Basu
Chief Scientific Officer
Cabaletta Bio
Michael Leek
Executive Chairman
TC BioPharm