Development in Neurology and Ophthalmology
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Development in Neurology and Ophthalmology

26 Jan 2022

15:30 Chairperson’s Opening
Dan Gincel, Senior Vice President, Strategic Collaborations & Scientific Affairs, Longeveron

15:35 Phase 2a Clinical Trial of Lomecel-B for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Anthony Oliva, Senior Scientist, Longeveron

15:55 Integration of TFDF™ Platform into the Next Generation Vector Manufacturing Process Enabling AAV and Lentivirus Yield amplification and clarification

How can we overcome the challenges of meeting the vector-based therapeutics demand and expedite time to market at lower cost?

  • Integration of the Tangential Flow Depth Filtration (TFDF), Perfusing Platform into the production bioreactor enabling 3x fold of AAV viral vector titer yield
  • Simplification of AAV lysate harvest clarification step through integration of perfusion technique enabling more than 10x reduction of depth filtration manufacturing surface area without compromising on recovery yield performance
  • Intensification of AAV8 and lentivirus production yield through continuous harvest clarification using TFDF platform

Rachel Legmann, Director of Technology, Repligen

16:15 Genomic Medicine for Retinal Diseases: Where Are We and Where Are We Going

  • Understand the present types of genetic medicine in development for retinal diseases
  • To understand what therapies are available and what is on the horizon
  • To understand the current challenges in the field of genomic medicine

Daniel C. Chung, Chief Medical Officer, Sparing Vision

16:35 Speaker Q&A and Panel Discussion


Dan Gincel
Senior Vice President, Strategic Collaborations & Scientific Affairs
Rachel Legmann
Director of Technology, Gene Therapy
Daniel Chung
Chief Medical Officer
Sparing Vision