Development in Stem Cell Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine
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Development in Stem Cell Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine

28 Jan 2022

11:00 Chairperson’s Opening
Paul Kosnik, Vice President, Clinical Development, Orgenesis

11:05 The Promise of Regenerative Medicine 

  • Has the promise of regenerative medicine been fulfilled?
  • What are the challenges of repairing damaged organs and tissues?
  • How do we design optimal regenerative medicine products?

Ian McNiece, Chief Executive Officer, Biocardia

11:20 STOP AND RETHINK! Don’t Settle with a Narrow Cell Viability Window; Take Back Stability Control of Your Cell Therapy

  • How to improve viability of a range of different cell types post-cryopreservation
  • Hypothermic storage of MSC´s and considerations for extended cell viability at room temperature

Phil Morton, Chief Technology Officer, Albumedix Ltd.

11:35 Continuous Progress in C&GT: Professionalizing Cells for Therapeutic Objectives

  • Cell therapy needs to continue optimization from sourcing to therapeutic effect
  • MSCs have delivered some effect in several indications and their therapeutic effect can be optimized
  • The sourcing and manufacturing of MSCs for allogeneic use continues to represent an opportunity that can be enhanced

Anthony Ting, Chief Scientific Officer, Bone Therapeutics

11:50 Clinical Testing of an Extracellular Vesicle Biologic

  • Introduction to perinatal extracellular vesicles
  • Novel mechanisms of immune and inflammatory modulation
  • Update on ongoing clinical trials with perinatal extracellular vesicles

Mari Mitrani, Chief Scientific Officer, Organicell Regenerative Medicine

12:05 Speaker Q&A and Panel Discussion


Paul Kosnik
Vice President, Clinical Development
Ian McNiece
Chief Scientific Officer
Phil Morton
Chief Technology Officer
Anthony Ting
Chief Scientific Officer
Bone Therapeutics
Mari Mitrani
Chief Science Officer
Organicell Regenerative Medicine