Commercializing Gene Therapies: Building Your Strategy From Translation Through to Commercial

19 Jan 2023
Commercializing the Therapies of the Future Track
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies

11:00am Chair Introduction

Serene Forte, Senior Vice President, Head of Genetic Medicine, RELIEF Therapeutics


11:05am Presentation: Lessons learned from Zolgensma 

  • This presentation will cover learnings from the commercialization of Zolgensma, a gene therapy for a rare neuromuscular disease

Emily Chee, General Manager, Americas, Novartis Gene Therapies


11:20am Presentation: Lost in Translation: Anticipating Hurdles to Expedite the Transition to Commercialization

Discover how to design a customized and innovative strategy to overcome every barrier on the commercialization journey

  • Supply chain hurdles from pre-clinical to commercial
  • Market access challenges
  • Patient support: how to design unique programs that meet patient needs

Lung-I Cheng, Vice President, Cell & Gene Therapy, AmerisourceBergen


11:35am Presentation: TBA

Fred Chereau, Chief Executive Officer, LogicBio


11:50am Presentation: TBA

Senior Representatve, FujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies


12:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants, joined by:

Sean McAuliffe, Chief Commercial Officer, Taysha Gene Therapies

Lisa Deschamps, Chief Executive Officer, AviadoBio


Emily Chee
General Manager, Americas
Novartis Global Biotech Cooperations
Fred Chereau
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
LogicBio Therapeutics
Lisa Deschamps
Chief Executive Officer
Lung-I Cheng
Vice President, Cell and Gene Therapy
Sean McAuliffe
Chief Commercial Officer
Taysha Gene Therapies
Serene Forte
Senior Vice President and Head of Genetic Medicine
RELIEF Therapeutics