Decentralizing Advanced Therapies: Are We Moving Closer to Bedside Therapeutics?

19 Jan 2023
Clinical and Patient Considerations Track
Adva Biotechnology

1:30pm Chair Introduction

Miguel Forte, President Elect, International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy 


1:35pm Presentation: Improving Access of CAR-T Cell and Other Gene-Modified Cellular Therapies by Manufacturing the Final Product at the Place-of-Care.

  • Current pricing for CAR-T and other autologous gene modified cell products are unsustainable
  • Place-of-care manufacturing offers a distribution model that is more economical
  • How Caring Cross is enabling place-of-care manufacturing of autologous gene modified cell products

Boro Dropulic, Executive Director, Caring Cross


1:50pm Presentation: Enabling Decentralized Autologous Manufacturing by Artificial Intelligence, Metabolic Sensing, and Control

Ohad Karnieli, Chief Executive Officer, Adva Biotechnology


2:05pm Presentation: TBC

Speaker TBC


2:20pm Presentation: TBC

Speaker TBC


2:35pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Boro Dropulic
Executive Director
Caring Cross
Miguel Forte
President Elect
International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy
Ohad Karneili
Chief Executive Officer
Adva Biotechnology