Patient-Centric Development – Supporting Improved Patient Outcomes
Standardising Raw Materials to Reduce Outcome Variability
Arriving at your Cell & Gene Therapy Destination: Navigating the Many Journeys Within the Journey
Building an Effective Supply Chain/Temperature-Controlled Therapeutics
Collection Centers of the Future: Standardisation and Optimising Apheresis for Quality Control

Patient-Centric Development – Supporting Improved Patient Outcomes

26 Jan 2022

13:30 Chairperson’s Opening
Blair Clark-Schoeb, Senior Vice President of Communications, Aruvant

13:35 Connecting Patients with FDA-authorized Regenerative Medicine & Cell Based Therapies: The TRUETRIALS Initiative

  • TrueTrials is the first and only platform that will provide patients with ready access to only FDA-authorized Regenerative Medicine and Cell-based Trials
  • Connecting Patients to FDA-authorized Regenerative Medicine and Cell-based Clinical Trials helps ensure their access to credible experimental therapies at facilities that are open to FDA oversight, and also helps such trials to enroll more quickly
  • Only collection of data from patients in FDA-authorized Regenerative Medicine and Cell-based Clinical Trials sets the stage for the tested therapy to be covered by insurance and third part payors

David Pearce, President of the Innovation, Research, & World Clinic for Sanford Heath

13:55 Growing the Cell Therapy Program in Our Hospital (Live-Stream) 

James Wang, Chief Technology Officer, Juventas Cell Therapy

14:15 Accelerating the Advanced Therapy Critical Path Through Patient-Centric Supply Chain Innovation

  • When developing new therapies, accelerating the critical path is a major component of operational strategy.  For advanced therapies, supply chain strategy can be a key lever to drive that acceleration
  • Advanced therapy clinical trials often include small patient populations, remote patients, and individualized supply chains – all logistics challenges that require patient-centric solutions
  • Join this session to learn about how a patient-centric approach to supply chain innovation in early phase development can accelerate your advanced therapy clinical trial programs

Julia Tarasenko, Vice President, Commercial Operations, Europe and the Americas, Marken

14:35 Speaker Q&A and Panel

Joined by:

Tom Whitehead, Co-Founder, Emily Whitehead Foundation


Blair Clark-Schoeb
Senior Vice President, Communications
David Pearce
President of Innovation, Research & World Clinic
Sanford Health
James Wang
Chief Technology Officer
Juventas Cell Therapy
Julia Tarasenko
VP, Commercial Operations, EMEA and Americas