Digital Futures for CGT: Digitalization, Data Management and Automation Technology to Enhance Development

19 Jan 2023
New & Enabling Technologies Track
Körber Pharma Software
Cellular Origins, A TTP Company

1:00pm Chair Introduction

Fabio Fachin, Head, Cell Therapy Process Development and Automation/Digital, Takeda


1:05pm Presentation: Harnessing Data Science to Enable Selected TIL Therapy Development

  • Turnstone is pioneering a next-generation approach to tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy based on the identification, selection, and expansion of tumor-reactive T-cells (Selected TILs)
  • This presentation will describe how we are using data science approaches to manage, integrate, and interrogate single cell and population-based profiling of tumor infiltrating T cells to support clinical decision making and biomarker discovery

Meghan Verschoor, Associate Director, Data Science in Clinical, Turnstone Biologics


1:20pm Presentation: The Iterative Approach to a Digital Cell and Gene Therapy Process – an Overview & Best Practice

  • Specific challenges in the digitization of CGT manufacturing
  • A best practice approach to implementing electronic batch records for CGT
  • An overview of digital data management for CGT processes

Judith Koliwer, Principal Consultant, Cell & Gene Therapy, Körber Pharma Software


1:35pm Presentation: Immersive Technology to Increase Efficiency in Workforce Growth, Facility Use and Plastics use

The talk will introduce our work using immersive technology to:
  • Provide hands-on procedural training outside of physical facilities flexibly and efficiently
  • Reduce single-use plastics use in training to improve environmental impact

Ivan Wall, Professor, University of Birmingham


1:50pm Presentation: Connected Disruption: Can We Join Disruptive Technologies Together To Enable Patient Access to Cell Therapies for Today and Tomorrow? 

  • Unless we learn to connect and interface with each other as an industry we will prevent scalable innovation, and ultimately, we will prevent patient access to therapies
  • We are developing an easy to adopt, easy to scale, automation system that can connect modular unit operations together, both digitally and fluidically, enabling therapy providers to innovate while transforming their cost of goods
  • We will demonstrate the remote operation of our system in Cambridge UK, from Miami

Dan Strange, Chief Technology Officer, Cellular Origins, A TTP Company


2:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Dan Strange
Chief Technology Officer
Cellular Origins, A TTP Company
Fabio Fachin
Head of Cell Therapy Process Development, Automation and Digital Technologies
Ivan Wall
Professor of Regenerative Medicine
University of Birmingham
Judith Koliwer
PhD Principal Consultant, Cell & Gene Therapy
Körber Pharma Software
Meghan Verschoor
Associate Director, Data Sciences
Turnstone Bio