Disruptive and Novel Therapeutics for Oncology Indications

20 Jan 2023
Patient and Clinical Considerations Track

9:00am Chair Introduction

Ana Rosa Sáez Ibáñez, Research Analyst, Cancer Research Institute 


9:05am Presentation: NK Cells Impacting Oncology Pipelines

  • Off-the-shelf is a minmum
  • Potency is crucial

Troels Jordansen, Chief Executive Officer, Glycostem Therapeutics


9:20am Presentation: The Innovator’s Dilemma for Cancer Therapies: Going from ‘Novel’ to ‘Disruptive’

  • Most advanced therapies are novel, but not yet disruptive in the marketplace.
  • Disruptive innovation requires success across the clinical value chain from cross-disciplinary teams.
  • Once we become disruptive, how do we stay disruptive?

Anne Cox, Director of Business Development, Tensentric


9:35am Presentation: Overcoming the Misconception of CAR-T’s for Solid Tumors

  • CAR-T Signaling Refinements designed for Solid tumors
  • Evidence of Early Success
  • The Luminary Approach
  • An allogeneic manufacturing chassis for Solid Tumors

Jeff Liter, Chief Executive Officer, Luminary Therapeutics


9:50am Presentation: Scalable Manufacture of CAR-NK Cells from Engineered Pluripotent Stem Cells with 3-D Bioreactor

  • A proprietary scalable 3D iPS-NK manufacture platform with defined, serum-free and feeder-free conditions: pure and strong functional iPS-NK with CD8+ effector cell identity for immunotherapy
  • Establishment of permanent, stable, genetically-engineered and clonal iPS-CAR lines for the manufacture of unlimited homogenous CAR-NK cells from multiple master iPS-CAR cell banks
  • Development of next-generation 3D bioreactor platform and logistics: the ultimate goal of making CAR-NK products affordable and available for ordinary patient

Allen Feng, Chief Scientific Officer, HebeCell


10:05am Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Allen Feng
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
HebeCell Corp
Ana Rosa Sáez Ibáñez
Research Analyst, Clinical Accelerator and Venture Fund
Cancer Research Institute
Anne Cox
Director of Business Development
Jeff Liter
President and Chief Executive Officer
Luminary Therapeutics
Troels Jordansen
Chief Executive Officer