Disruptive Automation Technologies: Closed Systems and Mechanizing the Workflow

18 Jan 2023
New & Enabling Technologies
Sony Biotechnology Inc

3:30pm Chair Introduction

Lior Raviv, Chief Technical Officer, Pluri


3:05pm Presentation: Manufacturing T cells in closed systems at scale – opportunities to maximise efficiency and eradicate variability

  • The technology used for the manufacture of autologous and medium-scale allogeneic T cell products
  • Where inefficiencies exist and what technological solutions can bring
  • Preparing for success – cryopreservation of larger numbers of doses from a single manufacturing run

John Campbell, Director, Tissues, Cells and Advanced Therapeutics, SNBTS


3:20pm Presentation: Technology Strategies for Manufacturing Advanced Therapies

  • Leverage Lessons from Development
  • Coordinate and Track Manufacturing in Real-Time
  • Be Ready to Release

Michalle Adkins, Director Life Sciences, Emerson Automation Experts


3:35pm Presentation: TBC

Speaker TBC

3:50pm Presentation: TBA

Senior Representative, Sony Biotechnology


4:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants 


John Campbell
Director, Tissues, Cells & Advanced Therapeutics
Scottish National Blood & Transplant Service
Lior Raviv
Chief Technical Officer
Michalle Adkins
Director, Life Sciences Strategy