Editing the Future: Gene Editing Tools and Technology

19 Jan 2023
New & Enabling Technologies
Mission Bio

3:30pm Chair Introduction

Jian Irish, President/Chief Operating Officer, Metagenomi


3:05pm Presentation: TBC

Raisa Lowe, Vice President, Head of CMC and Quality, Arbor Biotechnologies


3:20pm Presentation: TBA

David Yoder, Senior Manager of Product Strategy, Aldevron


3:35pm Presentation: TBA

Chris Brown, Director of Discovery, Metagenomi


3:50pm Presentation: Single-cell Precision Measurement of Cell and Gene Therapy Genome Editing Protocols

  • Single-cell analysis on the Tapestri platform simultaneously identifies edits, zygosity, co-occurrence, and translocations, enabling validation of gene editing platforms for therapeutic development
  • Optimize genome editing protocols during development for control during production manufacturing and release testing
  • Replace multiple traditional bulk assays with one single-cell sequencing assay

Speaker, TBA, Mission Bio


4:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants 


Chris Brown
Director of Discovery
David Yoder
Senior Manager of Product Strategy
Jian Irish
President and Chief Operating Officer
Raisa Lowe
Vice President, Head of CMC and Quality
Arbor Biotechnologies