Gene Therapies Entering the Mainstream – What Are the Next Gene Therapy Treatments?

19 Jan 2023
Modalities and Indications Track

1:30pm Chair Introduction

Nicole Paulk, Associate Professor, University of California, San Francisco


1:35pm Presentation: TBA

Senior Representative, Rocket Pharmaceuticals


1:50pm Presentation: TBA

 Senior Representative, MilliporeSigma


2:05pmam Presentation: Tackling The Leading Cause of Death in the World

  • As the life sciences industry has gained a greater understanding of the genetic causes of heart diseases, the potential to treat the underlying causes of these conditions has come closer to reality
  • Tenaya will discuss the tools required to bring gene therapy to the heart and address the opportunities to tackle both rare and prevalent cardiovascular conditions leveraging genetic targets and innovations (like the design of capsids with more desirable properties to improve delivery) to address the leading cause of death worldwide

Faraz Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Tenaya Therapeutics


2:20pmam Presentation: TBA

Jenny Holt, Senior Vice President, Program and Portfolio Management, Ray Therapeutics


2:35pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Nicole Paulk
University of California San Francisco
Faraz Ali
Chief Executive Officer
Tenaya Therapeutics
Jenny Holt
Senior Vice President, Programme and Portfolio Management
Ray Therapeutics