Opening Plenary: Enabling Access Through Innovation – Cell and Gene Therapy in 2023 and Beyond

18 Jan 2023
Manufacturing Advanced Therapies Track
Discovery Life Sciences

09:00am Chair Introduction

Jörg Schneider, Director, Principal Consultant, Biopharma Excellence


09:05am Presentation: Top Ten Events of 2022

Susan Nichols, Chief Business Officer, ViroCell Biologics


09:20am Presentation: Update On The Research Landscape for Cell and Gene Therapies

David Barrett, Chief Executive Officer, American Society for Gene and Cell Therapies 


09:35am Presentation: Keys to Realizing the Full Potential of Advanced Therapies

  • Through the lens of technical development & operations, or CMC, what are the most pressing obstacles that the advanced therapies sector of the industry need to unlock to accelerate progress
  • high level observations and thoughts on a select handful of the industries challenges

Cynthia Pussinen, Former Chief Technology Officer, Spark Therapeutics


09:50am Presentation: Is Characterization the Cure to Effectively Industrialize Cell & Gene Therapies?

  • Characterization is central to developing and enabling manufacturing consistency, scalability, and accessibility to the cell and gene therapy industry. A critical challenge (and opportunity) facing the industry currently is the overall variability from the wide range of therapeutic processes all the way down to the starting cell level
  • Not only is more targeted characterization important to the next generation of CGTs, but also of equal importance is the ability to perform and collect information that is meaningful
  • How we do this together as an industry will speak volumes to delivering enhanced transparency, predictability, and overall success. Ultimately, this all translates to getting therapies to the clinic and to more patients

Dominic Clarke, Chief Technical Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy, Discovery Life Sciences


10:05am Closing Panel with Q&A: How Are We Enabling Innovation for Cell and Gene Therapies?

With all session participants


Cynthia Pussinen
Former Chief Technical Officer
Spark Therapeutics
David Barrett
Chief Executive Officer
American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT)
Dominic Clarke
Chief Technical Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy
Discovery Life Sciences
Jörg Schneider
Director, Principal Consultant
BioPharma Excellence
Susan B. Nichols
Chief Business Officer
ViroCell Biologics