Reaching More Patients with CGT: Screening, Genomics, Databases and Patient Diversity

19 Jan 2023
Clinical and Patient Considerations Track
Be The Match BioTherapies

3:30pm Chair Introduction

Gregory Fiore, Chief Executive Office, Exacis Therapeutics


3:35pm Presentation: TBA

Emily McGinnis, Chief Patient Officer, Taysha Gene Therapies


3:50pm Presentation: TBA

Senior Representative, Be The Match Biotherapies


4:05pm Presentation: Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Immuno-Oncology Clinical Trials

  • Review the current landscape of patient diversity in immuno-oncology trials leading to FDA approval
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities to increase patient diversity in oncology trials

Samik Upadhaya, Assistant Director of Scientific Affairs, Cancer Research Institute


4:20pm Presentation: TBA

Kevin Ramdas, Director, Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations, Longeveron


4:35pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Emily McGinnis
Chief Patient Officer
Taysha Gene Therapies
Gregory Fiore
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Exacis Biotherapeutics
Kevin Ramdas
Director, Clinical Operations
Samik Upadhaya
Assistant Director of Scientific Affairs
Cancer Research Institute