Roundtable Discussions

19 Jan 2023
Level 2, outside meeting rooms 206-211

9.30am Introduction 

Join one of eight roundtable discussions, each focused on a critical area or bottleneck for cell and gene therapy developers going in to 2023. Each session is an open and interactive discussion guided by one moderator for the full hour.


Roundtable #1: Addressing the Cell Therapy Elephant in the Room

  • To what extent are stakeholders in the industry currently working together, or are we all working in our own silos too much? E.g. should the KIL switches we’re using be proprietary, or used more openly?
  • Should we be more open about the data we’re generating, e.g. safety data in the clinic and the use of new assay methods?
  • Are potency assay requirements hindering cell therapy development, and how can we overcome this issue?

Moderated by: Andy Holt, Chief Commercial Officer, Cellistic


Roundtable #2: Can Deeptech Improve Cell Therapy Precision, Turnaround Time and Yield in Cell and Gene Therapy? 

  • What are the new, upcoming innovation challenges- both in clinical practice and in discovery – with regards to manufacturing technology and analytical instrumentation and within what time frame are these needed?
  • How to optimize therapy development for solid vs. liquid tumors? How to work with challenges in patient profiling, precise transfection and multimarker cell selection. How to deal with manufacturing challenges coming from the above?
  • Where can deeptech (unique hardware, software and AI co-development) have an impact on cell and gene therapy manufacturing (modular, scalable, miniaturized, online)?
  • What collaboration forms are needed to enable this?

Moderated by: Peter Peumans, Chief Technical Officer Health, Imec


Roundtable #3: The Challenge of Europe 

  • Developmental phases where the main challenges are
  • Bringing together academic and industry partners
  • Working within a fragmented EU healthcare system
  • Reimbursement and organizational challenges

Moderated by: Christian Chabannon, Head of Center for Cell Therapy, Institut Paoli-Calmettes, Marseille, EBMT & GoCART


Roundtable #4: It Takes a Village: How Do We Build and Keep Great Teams?

  • Persevering through the current economic climate
  • Balancing money, time, expertise, and culture
  • Understanding, supporting, and empowering through alignment of corporate and individual motivations

Moderated by: Matt Li, Director, Cell Therapy CMC, Tome Biosciences


Roundtable #5  So You’ve Been Acquired: Successful Management and Integration From Both Sides of the Deal

  • Some large pharmas choose to have the acquired companies continue to operate mostly independently while others move forward with integration quickly. What do you think is the best strategy? What factors should contribute to that decision?
  • What are the biggest challenges you faced with integration? Biotech and Big pharma have very different cultures. How do you navigate the transition? What do you need to ensure effective change management? 
  • What are the key elements of a successful integration? (i.e. timing, strategy, change management etc)

Moderated by: Amy House, Chief Commercial Officer, Gyroscope Therapeutics x Novartis Gene Therapies


Roundtable #6: Creating the Secret Sauce for Breakthrough Therapies: Is Patient Advocacy the New Key Ingredient?

  • Patient ownership of data trends in 2023 and beyond – democratizing data
  • Harnessing the Power of “We” to advance therapies and policies surrounding therapies
  •  … but what would our patients tell us?
  • Leveling the playing field between industry and academic research with the power of patients
  • Engaging with the patient investor

Moderated by: Lisa Ward, Co-Founder, Tough2gether for DIPG/DMG


Roundtable #7: Taking Control of Your Manufacturing: Streamlining Workflows with Comprehensive Partnership

  • Integrated view on how to scale up and scale up efficiently

Moderated by: Arnaud Deladeriere, Director, Process Development, Triumvira Immunologics


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Amy House
Integration & Transition Lead, Former: Senior Director, Chief of Staff to Chief Medical Officer
Andy Holt
Chief Commercial Officer
Arnaud Deladeriere
Director of Process Development
Triumvira Immunologics
Lisa Ward
Tough2gether Against DIPG/DMG
Matthew Li
Director, Cell Therapy CMC
Tome Biosciences
Peter Peumans
Chief Technical Officer (Health)