Cell Therapy Commercial Success, Overcoming Pitfalls and What We Have Learned from 2022

18 Jan 2023
Commercializing the Therapies of the Future Therapies Track
BioBridge Global
Center for Breakthrough Medicines

11:00am Chair Introduction

Peter Olagunju, Chief Technical Officer, TCR2 Therapeutics


11:05am Presentation: Opportunities and Challenges in the Commercialization of Cellular Therapies

  • What have we learned with the commercialization of cellular therapies in oncology
  • What remains a challenge and what new challenges are arising
  • Identifying and creating opportunities to make cellular therapies more broadly available

Cintia Piccina, Chief Commercial Officer, Adaptimmune


11:20am Presentation: A CDMO Perspective – Building cell therapy capabilities to address current and future demand 

  • Build or buy: What did we learn from the capital markets in 2021?
  • Testing: Avoiding clinical delays through timely development
  • Manufacturing: Setting up CT manufacturing to address current and future demand
  • Allogeneic therapies: Where do we stand?

John Lee, Vice President, Head of Cell Therapy, Center for Breakthrough Medicines


11:35am Presentation: Industrializing CAR-T: From Autologous Launches to Allogeneic Successes

  • Autologous therapies have proven the clinical potential of CAR-T, with several launches in the last few years.
  • Allogeneic therapies are around the corner and will offer a true industrialized drug model for CAR-T.
  • What can allogeneic therapies learn from the first years of autologous commercialization to be better positioned for success?

Arthur Stril, Chief Business Officer, Cellectis


11:50am Presentation: Accelerating Commercialization with Custom Assay Development Strategies

  • Use of high-throughput qualitative Infectious Disease Monitoring assays
  • Development of a series of platform potency assays
  • Development of a miniaturized Dynamic Flow-Based System to mimic biological system

Scott Jones, Chief Scientific Officer, BioBridge Global


12:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Arthur Stril
Chief Business Officer
John Lee
Senior Vice President of Cell Therapy
Center for Breakthrough Medicines
Peter Olagunju
Chief Operating Officer
TCR2 Therapeutics
Scott Jones
Senior Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer
BioBridge Global