The Supply Chain of the Future: What Will CGT Supply Chains HAVE to Look Like in the Future?

20 Jan 2023
Supply Chain and Technical Operations Track
Stoic Bio

11:00am Chair Introduction

Kristy Shipulski, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Vertex Pharmaceuticals


11:05am Presentation: TBA

Tiffany Clement, Cell Therapies Core Invetory Management, Moffitt Cancer Center

11:20am Presentation: Sustainable Technologies That Drive Supply Chain Simplification and Resiliency

  • Current and future challenges facing manufacturing organizations when introducing environmental sustainability
  • How future supply chains will benefit from the inclusion of a sustainable approach to media delivery that mitigates transportation risks while reducing overall delivery costs
  • One company’s approach to streamlining supply chain management through green technology

Kimberly Negrin, Business Unit Leader, Stoic Bio

11:35am Presentation: Importance of Early Preparation for an Autologous Cell Therapy Supply Chain

  • What to be wary of around autologous supply chains – how to build excellence into your logistics early
  • Necessary Network and Infrastructure Needs for Early-Stage Companies

Shreenal Patel, Executive Vice President, Patient Supply Operations and Quality, Achilles Therapeutics 


11:50am Presentation: TBC

Speaker TBC

12:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Kristy Shipulski
Vice President, Supply Chain Management
Vertex Cell and Gene Therapies
Tiffany M. Clement
Cell Therapies Core Inventory Management & Support Services Manager
Moffitt Cancer Center
Kimberly Negrin
Business Unit Leader
Stoic Bio
Shreenal Patel
Executive Vice President, Patient Supply
Achilles Therapeutics