Think Locally, Source Globally: Are Your Product Region-Fixed or Trans-Continental?

18 Jan 2023
Supply Chain and Technical Operations Track
Fujifilm Irvine Scientific

03:30pm Chair Introduction

Troels Jordansen, Chief Executive Officer, Glycostem Therapeutics


03:35pm Presentation: Cell and Gene Therapy: These Identifiers Are Getting Out of Hand (Virtual)

  • How it started: a brief overview of how we got here and why there are so many different Cell and Gene Therapy product identifiers
  • How’s it going: ISBT-128 ST-028 (Chain of Identity Identifier) and benefits to clinical site & patient
  • Next Steps

Beth Gardner, Senior Director, Patient Supply, Beam Therapeutics


03:50pm Presentation: Key Considerations When Choosing Recombinant Proteins for Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

  • Interleukins (ILs): The role they play in the regulation of adaptive cellular response
  • Critical factors when selecting a supplier for your recombinant proteins
  • Developing recombinant growth factors and cytokines for cell-based therapies
  • Achieving optimal results through a scientifically-driven selection of products
  • Why a close partnership with your supplier can accelerate the development process to therapy 

Robert Newman, Chief Scientific Officer, FujiFilm Irvine Scientific


04:05pm Presentation: Advancements in Patient Access for Cell Therapies

  • Types of Allogeneic Cell Therapies
  • Benefits of the Luminary Method
  • Solving the 11 day to 21 day wait period for current autologous therapies
    • In-house product at key Cancer Centers (readily available)
    • Overnight shipment to domestic locations
    • Two-Day shipments to international locations
    • Government Programs in underdeveloped nations where distribution centers could be stocked

Jeff Liter, Chief Executive Officer, Luminary Therapeutics


04:20pm Presentation: Gene Therapy — Reaching Patients at Sufficient Scale

Amy DuRoss, President, Cell and Gene Therapy, CSafe


04:35pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants Joined by: 

Lisa McClain-Moss, Vice President of Manufacturing, Longeveron


Amy DuRoss
President, Cell and Gene Therapy
Beth Gardner
Senior Director, Patient Supply
Beam Therapeutics
Jeff Liter
President and Chief Executive Officer
Luminary Therapeutics
Lisa McClain-Moss
Vice President, Manufacturing
Robert Newman
Chief Scientific Officer
Fujifilm Irvine Scientific
Troels Jordansen
Chief Executive Officer