Upstream Bioprocessing Optimisation and Support for Early Development
End-To-End Manufacturing and Downstream Bioprocessing
Reducing Timelines with Innovative Scale Up and Scale Out Technologies
Achieving Operational Excellence in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing
Key Considerations in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing – CMC, Process and Regulatory

Upstream Bioprocessing Optimisation and Support for Early Development

27 Jan 2022
Sony Biotechnology Inc
BioLife Solutions

13:30 Chairperson’s Opening
Mamta Kalra, Director, CMC, Immatics

13:35 :  Technology Transfer from Pre-Clinical to cGMP Manufacturing – Take the Time to Develop A Solid Suitable Process From the Start

Lisa McClain Moss, Vice President, Manufacturing, Longeveron

13:50 Closed Cell Sorter System from SONY : An Introduction and Examples of Use in Protocols for Generating Cell Therapy Products Using Multi Parametric Selection

Cedric Ait Mansour, Senior Manager Market Development, Sony Biotechnology Europe

14:20 De-risking Biostorage and Scale with Outsourced Credible Services   

  • Why and when should outsourced services for biological storage and scale be considered in therapy development?
  • What should you look for in selected an experienced provider?
    • Regulatory Governance
    • Infrastructure
    • Advanced Services

Garrie Richardson, General Manager, SciSafe, Part of Biolife Solutions

14:35 Speaker Q&A and Panel Discussion


Mamta Kalra
Director, Department of Chemistry, Manufacture and Control (CMC)
Lisa McClain-Moss
Vice President, Manufacturing
Cedric Ait Mansour
Global Senior Manager Market Development - New Products
Sony Biotechnology Inc
Garrie Richardson
General Manager, SciSafe
BioLife Solutions