What Does A Global Supply Chain Look Like for CGT? Defining End-To-End Logistics

18 Jan 2023
Supply Chain & Technical Operations Track
QuickSTAT Global Life Science Logistics
World Courier

11:00am Chair Introduction

Maia Hansen, Chief Operating Officer, Athersys


11:05am Presentation: The Last Mile to the Patient in Cell Therapy

  • The supply chain for cell and gene therapy will need to mature and scale significantly to meet the potential commercialization pipeline of the therapies in development today
  • While all areas of the end to end supply chain have room for improvement, the last mile to the patient is particularly challenged, due to the unique needs in ultracold logistics and limited capacity at clinical sites.  
  • In this presentation, we will summarize the challenges and present new models and technologies that we have explored and developed to support the last mile to the patient for larger-scale allogeneic cell therapies.   These ideas should also be relevant for autologous therapies and other players in the cryo logistics space

Maia Hansen, Chief Operating Officer, Athersys


11:20am Presentation: Planning Cell & Gene Supply Chain Logistics

  • Clinical through commercial
  • Speed to Scale – Leveraging Experience, New Ideas and Technology

Kent Thorup, Regional Vice President, QuickSTAT


11:35am Presentation: TBA

Speaker TBC


11:50am Presentation: Practical Advice and Logistics Considerations to Bring Cell and Gene Therapies to Patients

Overview of logistics requirements of cell and gene therapies and practical advice on how to bring cell and gene therapies to patients.

  • Solutions and limitations for the distribution of time critical therapies
  • Technical equipment and processes for frozen up to cryogenic storage and distribution and how to assure chain of custody
  • Examples of challenges of the current regulations and logistics consequences for genetically modified therapies

Jennifer Fenwick, Senior Manager, Personalized Supply Chain, WorldCourier


12:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Benoit Bossuge
Head of Strategic Sourcing
CRISPR Therapeutics
Jennifer Fenwick
Senior Manager, Personalized Supply Chain
World Courier
Kent Thorup
Regional Vice President
QuickSTAT Global Life Science Logistics
Maia Hansen
Chief Operating Officer